Cable Straightener


The Cable Straightener is a machine that is used to remove bends that are set in 132 and 400 KV XPLE cables, of up to 150mm diameter.

The Cable Straightener comprises a pair of aluminium bodies that carry interface pads allowing the bodies to exert a force on opposing sides of a cable.  The bodies are jointed together using a link bar and a single acting pull cylinder.  By operating the pull cylinder to pivot the bodies about the link pin a bending force can be applied to the cable in a controlled manner.

The cylinder is operated by a small hand-pump that is fitted with a gauge and is connected to the cylinder with a 3m long hose, allowing the operator to remain at a safe distance whilst carrying out the straightening operation.  The hose is fitted with the appropriate burst protection and whip arrestors.  To allow for convenient storage the hose is connected to the cylinder by means of a quick release coupling.

Principle Dimensions

Width of the machine is 497mm

Length of machine is 1,445mm (on a straight cable)

Height of machine is 270mm (on a straight cable)

These dimensions do not include the hose and the hand-pump.

Weight: 36 Kg (total)

Clayton Engineering are members of the following organisations: Member - British Safety Council TWI - World Centre for Materials Joining Technology LEEA - Lifting Equipment Engineers Association ISO9001